Soup Kitchen

I was talking to my sister today about when we were kids and we realized that our childhood seems so sad and almost pitiful, and yet we remember it quite different. We remember it as fun and adventurous. One of the main things we were talking about is our daily trips to the soup kitchen, you know where they give the poor an homeless food. As a child that was my favorite place to go. Back at home we never really had food to eat so every time we’d go to the soup kitchen we’d be so excited because we knew there’d be plenty of food. If we were lucky we’d even get a donut or two. I remember how we would anxiously wait in line knowing our turn would be soon. You’d think we were waiting in a line to get on a roller coaster. I know that seems awfully depressing but we don’t remember it that way. We remember it as being the time of our lives. And there was also another place we’d go to sometimes where we’d get free toys. That was the best. There’d be a room full of toys and each kid would was allowed to get one free toy. I’d always get the toy cars, those were the best, when I was lucky I’d even find a hot wheels toy. Then I’d race my new toy car along the leaves and twigs on our walk home. It was probably the longest race in history as it usually took us about three hours to get home. I don’t really know where I’m going with this actually. I guess I just felt like ranting about it.

Sometimes I absolutely can not stand my older sister. I make her breakfast cuz she doesn’t know how to cook, I drive her to work and school, because she doesn’t know how to drive or has a car and she still manages to call me annoying, and that I need to grow up and complains because for once in my fucking life I said “hey can I borrow $2?” She just started going off about how I already have a job so I should be able to pay for everything. Oh yeah, easy for you to say since you don’t pay for gas and food. I should just not buy/ make her food and give her rides. That’ll force her to be more responsible, after all she is the older one, shouldn’t she be the one doing this for me?